Loftis Appraisal Company provides consultation services for complex real estate assignments. Our clients include municipal and county governments, law firms, financial institutions, corporations, individuals, and other entities. Our current areas of expertise are described below.

Highest and Best Use Analyses

As real estate consultants, we have developed real estate solutions for investment portfolios, divesting businesses, eminent domain for private and public entities, and tax appeal cases that require extensive analysis of the highest and best use of real estate.


LAC performs studies to determine market feasibility and highest and best use covering a variety of real property types. Examples include industrial lofts, charter schools, former nursing homes, apartments, condominiums, and historic properties.


LAC completes forensic assignments designed to uncover facts, explain theory, and establish deliberation points for a variety of clientele and property types.


For more than 15 years, Ron Loftis has instructed students in the art, architecture, function, and nuances of real estate appraisal. He is currently developing seminars on a variety of topics for the NC Chapter of the Appraisal Institute. As an adjunct instructor at Forsyth Technical Community College, he developed and delivered six pre-licensing courses for students of real estate appraisal. Other experience includes developing and teaching a licensing exam preparation course for NC appraisal students and conducting a seminar that introduced the appraisal industry to undergraduate students at the Wake Forest University School of Business.